Professional Training

Professional Training

Presentations & Pitches

"I’ve been agonizing over what to say…"

  • Have the right mindset before you enter the room
  • Adjust your attitude both physically and mentally
  • Raise your persona to the height of success
  • Step up and seize the opportunity with guidance from Positive Image

Panels & Roundtables

"How will I compare to the others?"

  • Have confidence in your content and materials
  • Identify your unique perspective on the topic
  • Listen with an ear toward collaboration
  • Bring the most Positive Image to the table

Live Performances

"I’m too nervous; I can’t do this!"

  • Understand how to welcome this opportunity
  • Focus on your strengths
  • Bolster your confidence
  • Learn how to be Positive about the Image you project

Job Interviews

"How do I let them know I’m the one they want?"

  • Have the tools to create the right impression
  • Be relaxed, confident and competent under pressure
  • Have your wits about you and find a place of calm
  • Take command of the moment with a Positive Image

Delivery and Presence

"Nobody’s interested in what I have to say!"

  • Capture and hold their interest and appreciation
  • Relax and tell your story with ease
  • Be funny, credible and be yourself
  • Deliver like a pro with Positive Image behind you

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