Individual Training

Individual Training

Dating & Relationships

"What can I say to make this work?"

  • Ask questions that reveal mutual values
  • Share feelings and feel safe
  • Bring your truth to the table
  • Develop your Positive Image

Speeches & Testimonials

"I have to give the perfect toast, but how?"

  • Engage the entire room
  • Tell heartwarming, funny stories about the guests of honor
  • Deliver a joyful toast with humor and confidence
  • Let Positive Image help you adorn the occasion with a memorable tribute


"I’m absolutely terrible at this!"

  • Know what to ask to start someone talking
  • Have an interesting story to share
  • Bring your best qualities to your first meeting
  • Let Positive Image show you how


"I’m going to embarrass myself, as usual!"

  • Learn your strengths
  • Appreciate your accomplishments
  • Share your ideas freely
  • Use the Positive Image techniques that bring out your best

Difficult Conversations

"Why do I have to deliver this message?"

  • Understand and accept the responsibility
  • Carry out your obligation without guilt
  • Anticipate the other person’s position
  • Maintain your Positive Image in the situation

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