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Whether you’re running for office, interviewing for a new job, delivering a sales presentation or just introducing yourself to the group, being “The Speaker” strikes fear into the heart of even the bravest of us.

Fear of public speaking is a fact of life, a “given”, a normal, human response.  It varies in degree from person-to-person – from butterflies in your stomach, to losing sleep, to paralyzing fear.  Everyone is nervous before a performance because at some point in our development, we have experienced judgement and failure.  It happened many times when we were little and left us vulnerable.  It leaves a mark, a deep impression and every time we move toward a similar experience, the fear returns in full force.

The Positive Image process enables you to construct a path around your fear.  Everyone is different – your path is unique to your personality and experience.  There is real work involved – preparation, rehearsal, delivery, presence.  Whether you’re talking for 30 seconds or three hours, how you prepare is what’s important.  The value you place on the goal of your presentation is directly proportional to the amount of work you’re willing to do, to deliver it fearlessly and successfully.

Patricia LaRussa, the creator of Positive Image, has helped many people to reduce their fear significantly, when all other methods have failed.  People come to her having tried hypnotism, meditation, redirection, acupuncture and a myriad of other remedies to eliminate the fear.  Ms. LaRussa is not a psychiatrist; she is a pragmatist who understands human nature.  It is her sympathetic understanding of what motivates us to action or paralyzes us to inaction that drives results.

Whether you are part of a group or working individually, this method brings you to success with the tried and true exercises, rehearsals and practices learned in the series.  Everyone moves at their own pace; what is required is a sincere effort to reach success.  Ultimately, you adopt this method.  It becomes your philosophy and you can apply it successfully, on your own!

Many years ago as a tennis instructor, Ms. LaRussa witnessed the effects the fear of failure had on all her students.  She developed methods that allowed them to be winners.  As a sales trainer in the commercial real estate industry, she gave brokers and agents ways to handle cold calling, fearlessly.  As a presentation coach, she triggers your self-awareness, resulting in a greater sense of control over the situation you need to overcome.

You can have a more Positive Image than you ever thought possible. Let’s talk!


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