Many of us think of fear, not as a motivator, but as a paralyzer, the steel grip that stops us from thinking, moving, taking action. It’s a power that can rivet us in place, make us frozen and unable to move. But look again… it’s a power that enables us to endure whatever is the source of that fear.

Let’s look at fear as a motivator. We can do the most amazing things when we’re in a state of fear. We can find the power to sustain even the most tortuous situations.

Your boss is always picking on you at the office. You can’t do anything right. You would love to get a new job, but you’re too afraid to stand up to the boss – you could be fired, so you put up with the daily abuse.

Your spouse humiliates and embarrasses you, makes you uncomfortable every day. It’s hell, but you stay. You’re afraid of the consequences of leaving. You put up with the constant abuse.

Your mother calls, or your father, and reminds you how inadequate you are, of everything you don’t know and everything you can’t do. You know they’re wrong but you’re afraid to tell them off. You don’t stand up to them; you put up with that lifelong abuse.

Think for a minute about how much strength it takes, what great heaps of endurance and tons of determination are required to put up with it all. You have developed the strength to be burdened by others’ criticism, disrespect and oppression. You take those blows every day, all day, and start over again every morning.

What does it take to put up with your situation? What has built you up to this point? How did you become able to withstand the pressure? Why have you not crumbled, gone to pieces, collapsed? All that fear has given you incredible endurance! You have been exercising in Hell’s Gym! That great motivator has committed you to a very heavy burden that you carry around all the time!

We do what we learn to do, then we do it again! It’s human nature, conditioning. It’s what you believe is your reality. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy – I’m damned to this life! And so be it.

Stop and think of what it takes to put up with it all! You must be extremely resilient! You have to be strong as granite to withstand the weight of all that negativity. It takes amazing strength to push on through life every day, like climbing a mountain with rocks on your back.

When you think about changing, what do you imagine will happen? You probably see all sorts of disaster. Your world comes to an end; everything changes; life as you know it, is over; etc., etc…
That’s very likely true but that may be a good thing! You are incredibly strong for putting up with all the misery in one or many areas of your life. That means whatever comes, you can handle it. You’ve been handling hell up to now, why not trade up to something better?

No matter what happens, it probably won’t be any worse than what you’re living right now. You’re putting up with all kinds of unpleasantness. When you do something this daring for yourself, you garner a great deal of self-esteem! You know you’re strong! Take a step back and look at what you can do! Look at how much you can handle. Observe your mental constitution for the fortress that it is and start using that awareness to make changes. No one has the right to talk down to you, beat you physically or emotionally, disrespect you or dishonor you. They are not better, higher, smarter and certainly not stronger.

It’s time to realize the power it takes to withstand all this. You have great power! You have the resources to withstand whatever is dished out day after day. Wake up! Look at what tough stuff you’re made of!

The magnitude of your burden is the measure of your strength. If you didn’t recede into madness, collapse into catatonia or crumble into a pile on the floor, your strength is why and how you go on.
So why not choose to be up instead of down? All that strength and endurance are your assets and the currency that buys you happiness.

The change is simple but not easy. CHANGE YOUR MIND AND TAKE THE NECESSARY ACTION! Do what you’ve been afraid to do. Create a plan and put it into action. Be methodical and direct. Visualize the outcome and go for it! Stand up, walk out and start over. I’ve done it and I’ve never been happier. It only seems impossible when you’re on the downside. Cross over and make it the best day of your new life! You’ve certainly got the strength!